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Tan Hwa Chuan

Tan Hwa Chuan
Tan graduated from Warwick University, UK, in master of science in engineering business management. He was top student with flying colors. He is the Author for a popular book, Make BIG Money via Land.
Tan Hwa Chuan is a Director and Shareholder for a few Property Development & Durian Development projects and companies as shown below:
Sunway Eastwood GDV = Rm 380 mil
258 semi d and villa

Located at Equine Park, Selangor

20 mins to KL City Centre
16 Quartz GDV = Rm 220 mil
100 Bungalow, villa and Condo

Located at Melawati, Selangor

20 mins to KL City Centre
KL City Service Apartment GDV = Rm 420 mil
510 Service Apartment

Located at KL City Centre

390m to Tun Razak Exchange
Durian Farm1000+ ac Durian land

Located at Loging Height

25mins from Cameron Height
Mr Tan started to work at his age of 5 as hawker helping his mother selling noddle, kaya and nasi lemak. He always need to source funds for his school fee and none stop working as part time carpenter, hawker, waiter, lorry follower since age of 5 till university graduate.

Poor start is a good start which make him a very determined and discipline in achieving his study, career and projects.

In the trade for over a decade, he spots, maps, studies, analysis and develops lands into address of opportunities. He weighs pros and cons via his proprietary feasibility study methods and is able to make good and accurate decision swiftly. He develops and fine tunes his methods and making him one of reliable partners in Malaysia today.

His daily job scopes cover Business Development Marketing and Corporate Finance;

• Sourcing land, government study, market study, draft design,

• Preparing feasibility study and cashflow .

• Grouping for enblock marketing to ease the cashflow of projects.

• Corporate Finance with key focus into IPO, RTO, Sukuk Bond, SPAC, etc.

• He was one of the key persons in turning around a public listed company from –ve Rm200 mil to +ve Rm 38 mil within 5 years.