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Hi, today every business is full of 'unsold stock', only Durian is 'no stock' and durian price and land price keep shooting up.

Durian Musang King RM 28 per kg, May 19.
Durian Musang KIng RM 42 per kg, Aug 19.

2013 Raub land price RM 120k per ac, today RM 600k per ac transacted.

Our group own 10k ac agri land in Gua Musang, original place of musang king. We have planted 1700ac, 60,000 durian trees with own fundings.

For the next phase, we are looking for JV partners, Fund Managers, Private Equity partners, Agents, IPO partner, etc.....

Do dropby invest selangor expo, MITEC Hall, jalan kuching 10th October 2019 (English Session) and 12th October 2019 (Chinese Session).

29 Jul 2021